Why Young Tourists Don’t Need a Passport to Go Drinking in New Zealand

Why Young Tourists Don't Need a Passport to Go Drinking in New Zealand

One of the biggest hassles that come with being a traveler or a tourist is that you need to have your passport on you at all times. It would, of course, be much safer and more convenient for you to leave this document at your hostel or hotel, but bars and supermarkets often require proof of age for customers who wish to buy or consume liquor.

Interestingly, New Zealand came up with a solution to this problem and it’s called the Hospitality New Zealand 18+ card.

Officially called an “Evidence of Age Document,” this ID card essentially contains your photograph, name, and date of birth, thus proving that you are 18 years old or above. And yes, it counts as a valid ID in New Zealand!

How does one avail of this magical object? It’s quite simple, as you’ll see below:

1. Avail of and fill up a Hospitality NZ 18+ Card Application form.

These are available at any PostShop or you can access this link and print out the form from there.

2. Assemble the following requirements:

a.) A passport-sized (5 cm x 4 cm) photograph.

It should have been taken within the past 12 months and should feature a clear frontal view of your head and shoulders (i.e., no sunglasses, hat, or any other accessory obscuring any of your features).

If you don’t have one on you, you can pay to have a passport-sized photo taken at an NZ PostShop for a small fee.

b.) An original government-issued ID with a photo.

This can be a passport, a firearms license, a New Zealand driver’s license (if you managed to get one prior), a Certificate of Identity issued under the Passport Act of 1992, or a Refugee Travel Document issued by or on behalf of the New Zealand document.

Current ID’s are ideal, but those that have been expired for less than two (2) years are also considered valid for this application.

c.) Proof of Address.

You also need to present a document proving that you are living at the address you listed in the application form. A bank statement or a letter from an educational institute or employer addressed to the same is a good example, provided that it is less than 12 months old. Utility or credit card bills can also be considered so long as they are less than 6 months old.

3. Submit your complete application in person at a PostShop and settle the NZ$45 fee.

Remember to keep your receipt.

5. Wait for your spanking new Hospitality NZ 18+ card to arrive at the address on your application after about two weeks.

See how easy that was? Now, go on and apply so you can enjoy a hassle-free night-out on the town in Auckland or Queenstown!

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