Exciting Things to Do at the Kaikoura

Exciting Things To Do At The Kaikoura

A remote gem resides on the South Island of New Zealand. It is none other than the town of Kaikoura.

The coastal drive is an adventure in itself and as you get closer to the town, you will get more personal with nature. Savor the calming teal waters, the rich marine habitat, and the stunning mountain views while you are there.

From watching the largest toothed whales in action to climbing the peak of the Mount Fyffe, there are so many things that you can do at Kaikoura. Here are just some of them:

Watch Incredible Whales

whales and other marine life

The largest toothed whales, the Sperm Whales, are the year-round stars of the show. Kaikoura enables its visitors to witness this magnificent creature along with other marine life such as dolphins, seals, and albatross.

Arrange early bookings to get this chance of a lifetime.

Swim With the Dolphins

Freely swimming with the friendly dolphins sounds like a page from a fairytale. Not anymore! Snorkelling with the playful and uncaptured dolphins is one of Kaikoura’s main attractions. Simply hop on the tour boat and prepare yourself to jump in the beautiful water.

Take a Hike

hiking at Kaikoura
Image Credit: Trover

Spectacular views over the Kaikoura peninsula and plains await those who climb up the Mount Fyffe. You have to options: the 8-hour return route and the 5-hour return route. The former begins by following the 4WD road up the mountain’s long south-west ridge. This road leads you directly to the summit. While, the latter can go as far as the Mount Fyffe Hut.

For your safety, check if there are current earthquakes happening in the area as it might affect your hike up.

Eat Fresh Seafood

Eat Fresh Seafood

What is better than experiencing the picturesque seascapes of Kaikoura? Getting to indulge on the town’s fresh seafood of course!

Kaikoura is blessed with an abundance of sea creatures, which can serve as the main ingredient to a hearty meal. Crayfish is the specialty here. If you cannot shell out cash for it, try the other varieties of fresh fish.

Since the ocean is readily accessible to the majority, seafood is relatively cheap.

Appreciate Rich History

Kaikoura Museum

Kaikoura District Museum & Archives is a historical institution situated in this humble town. It houses Maori artifacts, marine fossils, photographs, archives, and more. I cannot deny the fact that I am passionate about art and history. So, seeing these two facets fuse in one place brings in pure delight.

What’s more? The ticket only costs a dollar (NZD 1 = PHP 36) for children and five dollars (NZD 5 = PHP 180) for adults.

Feel free to comment below, if you have anything to add to our exciting list of activities in Kaikoura!

Visitor’s Information

Telephone: +64-3319-5641 or 03-319-5641
Email: info@kaikoura.co.nz
Website: http://www.kaikoura.co.nz

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