5 Bungy-Jumping Locations in New Zealand

The first (and the last) time I tried bungee-jumping was in Singapore, when I was attending a business conference with friends.

We all purchased rather costly tickets to go on two different kinds of bungee jumping experiences: one in which you were strapped to a seat inside a metal globe and then propelled to the height of a mini-skyscraper, and another in which you and four of your friends were seated in yet another metal cage that’s meant to swing like a pendulum from a height of, I dunno, another mini-skyscraper.

I survived the ordeal (obviously), and pretty much vowed never again to go bungee-jumping. (Seriously, guys, I’m all for an adrenaline fix, but that stunt made me cry. Literally.)

If you still want to give bungee-jumping a try, though, I would recommend trying it in New Zealand rather than in Singapore. Why? Well, they do things the old-fashioned way here. There are no fancy steel cages swinging like pendulums. Rather, they tie a large elastic cord around your waist before they send you flying off a gigantic structure. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Also, New Zealand’s scenery is way nicer, and plummeting a couple hundred feet into a grassy field sounds a teeny bit better than free-falling towards solid concrete.

Kidding aside, here are some of the bungy (that’s how they spell it in New Zealand) – jumping activities in the Land of the Kiwis:

1. Kawarau Bungy Centre.

Kawarau Bungy Centre
Image Credit: Expedia.com.au

One of the most famous attractions in Queenstown, New Zealand, “The World Home of Bungy” is the world’s first commercial Bungy Jump. Named after the magnificent Kawarau Gorge upon which the jump-off point is situated, this bungy center is a mere twenty minutes away from the Queenstown City Centre.

From leaping right into the middle of things (quite literally) and going on the new Zipride to simply sitting back with some delicious snacks and drinks while watching other people take the plunge, the Kawarau Bungy Centre has something suitable for every thrill level.

2. Queenstown Ledge Bungy.

Queenstown Ledge Bungy
Image Credit: Adventures in New Zealand

The Ledge is positioned at the top of the Skyline Gondola and affords its visitors some of the most spectacular sweeping views of the enchanting panorama that is Queenstown.

What sets the Ledge apart from other bungy-jumping experiences is that they actually have a “Jump Menu.” Thanks to their specially-designed harnesses, you can do a twist, handstand, or even something called “The Matrix” when you do take the plunge.

If bungy-jumping doesn’t get your adrenaline up, you can also go for a combination of the Ledge Bungy and Swing:

3. Queenstown Ledge Swing.

Queenstown Ledge Swing
Image Credit: profernity

The Ledge Swing provides some of the best sightseeing in Queenstown….if you’re got enough guts, that is.

This rough-as-guts rope-style swing hauls you off into the sky and brings you right back before you’ve even managed to stop screaming (or taking in the sights around you), provided that you pull the release cord.

Yep, this attraction literally puts your destiny in your hands, for better or for worse.

4. Nevis Bungy.

Image Credit: Herb

If the previously-mentioned activities still put you to sleep (seriously????), you may want to try out the Nevis Bungy.

New Zealand’s biggest bungy dangles you on a high wire cable that’s 134 meters over the valley floor and 4×4 buses are required to take you on a scenic, four-hour round-trip drive to the jump-off point. Definitely not for the faint of heart, this particular bungy jump has often been described as a once-in-a-lifetime experience (provided you don’t die during the attempt, I suppose).

And if jumping across a valley somehow manages to give you second wind, they’ve also got the World’s Biggest Swing at Nevis, which propels you about 300 feet across the gorge at about 120 kph.

5. Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump.

Image Credit: Languages International

Fun fact: AJ Hackett, the founder of Auckland Bungy Jumping, was arrested when he did a bungy jump off the Auckland Harbor Bridge. (The activity wasn’t “technically legal” then.)

Back in 2003, however, the same guy was able to incorporate the world’s first Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump into the Auckland Bridge Climb (which he also took over prior). So, going on the Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump is not only good for an adrenaline rush, it also makes you part of this area’s interesting history.

As with any vigorous physical activity, do consult with your doctor first before trying any of the aforementioned activities, okay? We here at iRemit would prefer our clients to stay alive, thanks very much.